Clayton Bellamy

Welcome to the Congregation.

Get ready for a service the likes of which you’ve never attended before, where the message is served up by Clayton Bellamy and the Congregation through a high-octane blend of gospel, R&B and riff-driven hard rock, and the only requirement for membership is the willingness to worship at the altar of love.

“Even if things are bad, when you cover them in love they get better,” Bellamy says. That’s a major lyrical driver throughout Welcome to the Congregation (Anthem), and something worth standing up for, as lead single, ‘Resistorz’ says in no uncertain terms.

For Bellamy, Welcome to the Congregation is a complete reset – a no holds barred, rock and roll tent revival that captures all furious live energy of Bellamy’s ten-piece band on record.

“It’s rock and roll church, we’re bringing the gospel and I’m the preacher man,” Bellamy says of the persona he’s going to live to the limit on stage, “and love is what it’s all about.”