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Sync License: This is the license that grants you the right to synchronize a composition and/or master recording with a visual media project.

Composition: A composition is an original music piece, including the lyrics and underlying melody. A composition may have one writer or several. The composition needs to be licensed for every synchronization license. 

Publisher/Co-Publisher: The publisher is the representative of the composition. There can be one publisher or several publishers for any given composition. In order to properly clear a composition, you will need permission from all publishers involved before you have full approval for sync use. 

Master Recording: This is the actual sound recording of the composition, which is generally represented by the record label that originally released the recording. If you are using an original song recording and not using a fan-made cover, you will need to license the master recording with the relevant record label and the composition with the publisher(s).

Media: The media represents the way in which your project will get to and be seen by consumers (e.g. Internet, Film, TV show or TV commercial, etc.)

Territory: The territory in which you intend to distribute your project and, therefore, you’re required to be covered by the license (e.g. limited to a specific city/state, country, Worldwide, North America, Europe, etc.) Please note that the territory requested will have an impact on the license fee quoted.

Term: This is the length of time you intend to distribute your project/use the composition and/or master recording for the license you are requesting. (e.g. 6 months, 3 years, perpetuity etc.) It is important to remember that the license term will impact the quoted license fee.