Noah Hicks

Noah Hicks

Nashville-based rising country artist Noah Hicks tells his story through song in a way that’s strangely familiar and universally relatable. With a vocal warmth that emanates the feel of his Carrollton, GA upbringing, Noah has matured into his country voice using creative lyricism and ingenuity, producing a distinct sound. A sound that is evident on his forthcoming six-track EP — Tripping Over My Boots — via RED Creative Records which is slated for release Friday, September 30.

The EP’s lead single, “Breaking Up & Getting Drunk” — written by Noah Hicks, Hunter Phelps, Will Bundy and Jeremy Stover — marks the first single release since his I Can Tell You’re Small Town EP (April 15, 2022). Just prior to the EP’s release, Billboard deemed Noah their “Country Rookie of The Month,” and he’s been steadily building accolades and fans with every release.

“I actually wrote ‘Breaking Up & Getting Drunk’ with the boys during a stay down in 30A about a mile from the beach, which the song references,” explains Noah. “The song was inspired by the idea of living the good life regardless of what comes at you that you can’t really control.”

The EP’s impassioned sophomore single, “Making Up My Mind,” is a musical manifestation that came to life during a time when Noah wasn’t seeing anyone. Also written by Noah Hicks, Hunter Phelps, Will Bundy and Jeremy Stover — Noah became inspired to write about his desired dating scenario, imagining that exemplary situation. “I’m sure a lot of people can relate to the revolving door of dating with dating apps and all that, Noah says. “Honestly, I just got kind of tired of it. This song is basically what I’d love to have in a perfect world.”

In the same vein as “Making Up My Mind,” the fun-loving, anthemic title track “Tripping Over My Boots,” tells the story of a nervous Noah showing off his romantic side as he approaches a girl he fancies. “I wrote this song as the ideal way of how I would like to meet my next girl,” Noah notes. Noah’s rhythmic singing style supplements the song’s longing lyrics which were written by himself, Jordan Minton and Will Bundy. “I don’t write anything that isn’t true to me in some regard. When I am in writing sessions, and I hear something that I connect with… I get fired up; being able to latch onto whatever that may be because I have lived it and felt it,” he concludes.

Raised in a musically inclined family with strong influence from his father’s side, Noah was naturally drawn to the art form. Specifically, Noah recalls a moment that truly inspired his music journey: “I’d been introduced to local favorite Reed Morrison, who called me up one night at his show to sing. It was in that moment I knew music was my calling.” He then spent several years honing in on his craft — watching, listening to, and supporting fellow musicians from his area.

Noah officially moved to Nashville, TN from his hometown in 2020 with a guitar, some songs and a distinguished voice, or as American Songwriter put it: “rising country artist Noah Hicks has a voice that sounds like an old friend. The warmth that emanates from Noah invites you to sit down, grab a round, and talk about nothing for a while.” In March 2020, Noah released his sophomore single “Drinkin’ Alone,” and soon began receiving inquiries from publishing companies in town, including RED Creative Group.

“I took the meeting on the encouragement of my friends, and the minute I walked through the doors of RED… it felt right,” Noah reveals. That go-getter mentality leads Noah to where he stands now: a promising up-and-comer with a series of market-friendly songs on Tripping Over My Boots. “This EP is a collection of songs that I thought were very me, and that fans would get excited for,” Noah shares.

“It’s for folks like me, people who grew up how I did, and individuals with the same mindset; making the best of life by living it up and not taking any day for granted.” Furthermore, Noah takes his musical prowess and packages it in an unparalleled, high-energy live show journey that seals the deal for potential fans every time he takes the stage.

“I never thought being a singer was even possible, I intended to do what everyone else did,” Noah confides. “I’ve worked farms, built fences, tended cows, tinted windows, but becoming an artist was always just a dream. Now I’m blessed to call it my job.”